Monday, January 11, 2010

Video Camera In Vagana What Type Of Video Camera Should I Use For My Music Interviews?

What type of video camera should I use for my music interviews? - video camera in vagana

Recently I started writing reviews for a company that promotes music concerts, artists, venues, etc. and I have a video interview, first, that in a month or two with a local group.
I do not know what camera used to film the interview, but my camcorder is always good with good quality for download on the Internet (in particular) YouTube, I see both professional and not just with fire my camera all day.


Catstrip... said...

Almost all camcorders, you configure all the time to work everything properly. Do you have adequate lighting and use the functions of the white balance the camera if you have one. An external microphone would be ideal. Whether handheld, table, or even wireless. Sure use a tripod. And if you have someone with the camera, it would be even better. You could not make shots, CUT-A-Way, etc., during the interview.

If you are planning video projects, you may want to hire a pro-consumer first camera. This way you can learn the camera and see what works best in the equipment, portability (if you're alone), etc.

MTX said...

I recommend Canon FS200 Flash Memory Camcorder with 37x optical zoom. ... ...

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