Saturday, January 9, 2010

Silent Alarm Clock How Do I Schedule My IPhone 3G Sounds To Automatically Mute Or Go Silent At Night When I Sleep?

How do I schedule my iPhone 3G sounds to automatically mute or go silent at night when I sleep? - silent alarm clock

I would like to put my iphone in silence or during sleep, to ignore the changes do not wake me. I have to go through the phone is still in an emergency and I have worked around the clock, I'm not late for work. Is it possible to do this? Maybe an application that can not easily.


BU Husky said...

No application or in a list of sounds that are silenced, not taken to do it manually through Settings> Sounds.

It is a man who has a website that sells a mini (the super small) is that all communications docked, or when connected to the headphone jack cuts. This is a very cool gadget. It's called Silent Night and bought a plug for my dock. I have the mail and I connected to my dock in less than a second. Whenever my phone dock before you go to bed, will automatically switch all communications so as not to wake me up. The calls and alarms are working, but .... is good if it is in an emergency or you use your iPhone as an alarm clock. In the morning, simply unplug the phone and all information about the work. The best part is that you do not configure it to work that in the settings of the iPhone for them. It was the best purchase that I for my iPhone so far. She's great too small .... Support for the man who does. The website is:

Worksgreat, check it out.

Giovanni L said...

Although you can not program their sounds on silent or quietly pass. Assume for the moment, not a line, but if you want to take at / feedback and have a good job. :) An application in the 3.0 software update to enable it though. Stay in control.

frmilk said...

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frmilk said...

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