Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How Often Can Yo Veet How Often Do Yo Get Alone Time?

How often do yo get alone time? - how often can yo veet

My husband told me yesterday evening that today (Saturday) was to do my day to relax and go or something.

I'm trying to decide what to do. Suggestions?


☆mama2an... said...

ooohhhh, I would Pedi, manicure and massage, which then go to lunch or coffee somewhere and read a magazine, then only on the way home! mmmmmmm:)

*** A alwaysright! This question is from Australia, so if there on Friday, Saturday, it is not for you! :)

LindaLoo said...

Time-out? Oh, just love the weather! I do not know what to tell you. What is something you enjoy doing.

shop sit on the beach, haircut, nails, do more massage, go somewhere quiet and read a book, eating out, my new thing for you, go to a movie about love \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ u0026lt , Films I>, or in person, actually LOVE TO be left alone at home and send all gone for the day, what can I do what I want in my own house.


shop for Holy Week and Easter or holiday things for children, which is what I did when I arrived a few hours last week ...

with my children and I barely any time within the single exception of the shower and bath time for me ... So, if I have to go to Wal-Mart and the Dollar Tree for me that I was thrilled ... My children and my older son easter Eastar for certain things, and I took to eat lunch ...

Cassandra S said...

Oh, You Lucky Duck! Gosh, I had my "own" one day a few months ago, and let me tell you, it was unbelievable! :) They are not about collecting small nursery people are worried ... What to cook for dinner ... or if the house was clear of the Act) at least 2 years before, when I for one days! Obviously hold for fun:) Have! I have my hair cut and color .. and Mani and Pedi! And she was walking alone! It was wonderful! Enjoy .... and do take days, everything:)

due 09-29-09 said...

Today is Saturday? Friday, but still ... hmmm

What I always do when I have spare time, which rarely happens, and I'm really bored when I was ..
Get your nails
Get A Haircut
Shop for new clothes or to treat some of the
Make your Groc. Shopping
at a time, I wash car wash car.

thats it. I'm pretty bored, no one in the vicinity. I prefer that the whole world like me.

C is for Charli.... said...

I would be so boring if I have a day off * * only. I stay at home, just because I have no real life.

But I never leave * so do not always worry.

I think he wanted to go one anyway mudcake eat everything on your own.

iambless... said...

I think my husband is driving us is "Me Time" as I go, I'm Prego and you can drink
If I have time for me now, I would be on the lookout for something in a store that I wanted my hair cut and a nap

Apple Tart said...

Fly to Las Vegas! Well, just a joke! Buy new shoes, you will make your hair, eat without worrying about the calories. Buy a tube of lipstick. Then you go into a cafe and read a magazine! Enjoy your day!

Jane Collective said...

oohhh there are so many possibilities. I get a hotel room, taking a long bath, read a book, my nails, facials, etc., and go to sleep the rest of the time.

phalor09 said...

trying to run. or learn a new recipe. and video games. or to be read. or girls' night.

reddevil... said...

read a book
Getting manicures
Visit friends
Stay in bed and hide
go to the movies
Find out more about a hobby

crissy mum of 7 said...

Visit friends or go for haircut or shopping for lunch with a friend

Malissa(Kaielles Mommy) said...

go for a manicure or pedicure, go shopping, I would not

bobbino1... said...

that all women who say: "Shopping"

bobbino1... said...

that all women who say: "Shopping"

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