Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Can I Find Celtic Salt At Trader Joes Has Anyone Used Trader Joe's Course Sea Salt And Does It Compare To Light Grey Celtic Sea Salt In Nutrition?

Has anyone used Trader Joe's Course Sea Salt and does it compare to Light Grey Celtic Sea Salt in nutrition? - can i find celtic salt at trader joes

Courses Trader Joe's Sea Salt is a little brighter, but has the same consistency as wet as the Celtic, and also alleged that come from France, it is also cheaper than Celtic. Do you think it is a nutritional difference? Thank you.


Chef William said...

Search for the taste of salt on the purchase of nutritional data is not as the salt is not something you should care about in relation to diet.
All sales are essentially identical with the main difference between standard and sea salt.

Theory1 said...

there's really no difference, salts May, a slight difference in the minerals they contain, but nothing really to be measured. I just found a salt which has a course in Nice feel it as sea salt or kosher salt and Maldon salt.

Pastor Ketchup said...

I just want to say that when a salt such as sodium chloride are not using - not iodized - make sure that somewhere the food iodine.

Veggie Stont said...


i the use of meat immersed in brine
Great tastes

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