Monday, January 25, 2010

Herpes Around Nose Do I Have Oral Herpes?

Do I have oral herpes? - herpes around nose

I have my friend a month ago through the mouth and about 2 or 3 weeks, I developed red bumps around the mouth. They looked something like acne, so they tried to shock, and in general I acne, but not yet disappeared. I did not notice them feel like acne or even what seems normal that are red, sometimes pale and sometimes itchy patches. The bumps seem to spread into my nose. You see, I have a history of skin diseases. When I was young, I had herpes in the nose, but not STDs. It was a kind of eruption and outside of the nose. I received the medication, but only reduces symptoms, actually I always had. I still have the medicine, and have been applied to the face every day, but still there. The bumps get worse if I did not sleep well, or I'm stressed, such as herpes. However, none of the potholes is opened, or as my health teacher once called him was blistering. I also have sores in the mouth. So, I have herpes, or is it my childhood,Condition of the skin back on track? Thank you.


court said...

Condition of the skin or the child was diagnosed with herpes? Because if you have a diagnosis of herpes .. not simply disappear .. You always have in your system if it is always a potential danger of an epidemic. Herpes can go to his nose .. Just because you oral herpes does not mean it is HTA .. HSV-1 herpes cold sores are usually around the nose, mouth and / HSV-2 is genital herpes .. You can get genital herpes in the mouth .. usually occurs 3-12 days after .. but some time later to appear in May, just depends .. You can contact the DR and get a blood test .. And you know, if you are the one or the other or both .. I randomly tested for sexually transmitted diseases .. find out what I had HSV1 .. The cold sores (herpes), and I've never had a cold sore! But I think knowing the best way, he goes to the Dominican Republic. and you get a blood test .. If you are unsure, you can go to family planning and can take some of the skin around the wound and to test this way .. Good luck

J.T. said...

ROFL! The best treatment is, got a new man. But for the love of God, not before treated for an STD clinic.

Luis said...

I do not think you have herpes, it is likely to return their children's skin condition.
You should see a doc. Tho

Abby said...

Go see a doctor

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