Saturday, January 9, 2010

American Caskets Can A Civilian Have An American Flag On His/her Casket Or Is This Honor For Military/police Only?

Can a civilian have an American flag on his/her casket or is this honor for military/police only? - american caskets

The civilian was born in the U.S. and grew up when there is no draft, but he is very proud to be Americans.


Star Spangled Brit said...

Hello there

If someone wants to can have the American flag wrapped in a coffin ... no matter who they are and where they came from

I considered myself as I'm English and the desire of the American flag covered the coffin - there are a couple of years, but I hope, lol

Army receives a free flag and military honors ...
To a civilian, a brand - they or their families have had to buy their own flag to be used.

Jennifer said...

It should be for those who served be reserved. (Actually, I'm trying to find laws concerning the display of the flag during a funeral. I can not find anything that is illegal, a flag on the coffin of a civilian who does not even place a federal employee. Not that they do not exist. ) I mean, so proud, why is not the project or not? The best way to honor him have a funeral on red, white and blue.

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