Sunday, January 24, 2010

Motorcycle Locks How Do The Locks On The Side Of A Motorcycle Work?

How do the locks on the side of a motorcycle work? - motorcycle locks

I assume you are near a bike like this, but to say that I am a ninja, 97 500th Both blocks are just above the rear wheel under the seat. How do I lock the helmet on the little bar? If so, how?

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howdy doody said...

Locks lock and unlock with the ignition key for locking the trunk, while it was parked. Take advantage of your free helmet in the seat or sissy bar, if you have one.

Bill c said...

Helmet Locks - Use your key and back - the bar is open enough to slide the D ring of his helmet - then close the lock and you're done.

I prefer my motorcycles blockade around the chin bar and pushes me

guardrai... said...

DO NOT use the bike with the helmet hanging from the lock of the helmet. Who could be sucked into the wheel. At least until tomorrow, bike and helmet.
Put the helmet on the back seat and strap him with a network of "elastic". ...
Click - Street Index --
Search - Bungee Net
Network is the distance into the ground. Put on your headphones and hook to hang everything I can on the side of your bike.

isaacthe... said...

The lock is in the trunk of the D-ring is in the same city. I think I must inform you that I will be a Ninja250R 2003 and once concluded, on the trunk and realize once again on the exhaust pipes on and had a hole melted in the trunk. There is also a bad idea, would like to go hang with his helmet flying with the wind and struck the bicycle and helmet. You must use a rubber band to hold the seat

saxman35... said...

This is for blocking rings D Center in the parking lot of the bike. The best place for a helmet when riding to make the course, in your head.

Edit: I see that you are talking about a helmet parts so that is the best bungee jump in the backseat do not leave - on the belt. Sorry, but I see too many people on horseback, bareheaded, with a helmet on a bicycle are properly connected.

SpannerM... said...

This is to ensure the hull, but in reality, it is advisable to do so. It is good to see the bike has one thing that is common on the headphones, or even anger against him (which sometimes happens).

Also cut a bike thief and take the helmet strap. Of course with the ribbon cutting is not appropriate for them, but you will not be able to carry them home on a bicycle without a helmet. My hope is that you leave the bike for the night, when they are free to redraw parked without risk.

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