Friday, January 15, 2010

Sorafenib Nexavar Price How Effective Is Sorafenib 200 MG (organic Name NEXAVAR) IN Malignant Melanoma?

How effective is sorafenib 200 MG (organic name NEXAVAR) IN Malignant melanoma? - sorafenib nexavar price

My father is 52 years and was melanoma diaognised BID! The doctors said that the liver disease by surgery was carried out, will not be used! therefore proposed for the relief and began to him, interferon and ask us for the New Medicine arrange Sorafenib / Nexavar is not available in India and very expensive? Can a body that we ABT their actual effects on melanoma? Secondly, an improved treatment of any drug / for this disease? pls reply soon


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Sorafenib is the treatment with certain drugs. It is a small molecule inhibitor of Raf kinase, PDGF (platelet derived growth factor) and VEGF receptor kinase. PDGR current VEGF inhibitors and drugs of EGFR, such as Iressa, Tarceva and Avastin, have offered the advantage of a small group of patients. They are very anti-angiogenesis.

Most of these drugs have been approved for certain types of cancer, Avastin for colon cancer, cancer, kidney cancer, Nexavar, Iressa long handicaps. However, these drugs are in clinical trials and the off-label. Nexavar for melanoma is not the label. Again, much of the benefits of the cancers confined approved. Therefore, there is little or no unauthorized data collected for cancer.

If they designed these targeted therapies, which had its type of activity and localization justifies the disease in mind. Then try these drugs for other cancers is close to a coup in complete darkness.

I want a better answer, but advanced melanoma is very difficult to treat disease.

From what I read, theRe are very encouraging results in the treatment of melanoma in several clinical trials developed vaccines. I know a lot of work underway at the NCI and the JHU. I do not know if it can help.

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I'm sure Moore will trigger a response from a doctor. What do you think?

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