Saturday, January 23, 2010

Online Route Maps Is There An Online Driving Directions Service That Will Do Route Exclusions/avoidances?

Is there an online driving directions service that will do route exclusions/avoidances? - online route maps

I get tons of traffic jams every morning and knows the real way to be always a backup. I am at all locations on a map online that I know and sent me on these streets. It is one that say to me, for example, enables to avoid Route 24. Not necessarily all highways, only a few specific ways. The ability to avoid highways, is not what I'm looking for an answer.


aloha1 said...

Sites like MapQuest / Google Maps / etc do not have the rights of the authorization to publish the notices of road closures and construction, since the material is often the key to his city for public works. Could have on a visit to your state DOT, which updates in real-time traffic and road closures for the system of state highways and roads. Good luck!

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