Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Daisy Roots I Have A Daisy Plant. It Blooms Yellow Daisies. Its In A Pot. Why Are The Leaves Curling At The Ends?

I have a daisy plant. It blooms yellow daisies. Its in a pot. Why are the leaves curling at the ends? - daisy roots

I had to spray insecticides to kill a white fungus and eliminate worms "green thumb". I thought it might have something to do with twisted leaves. But now I do not think because I used the spray, a few weeks. The leaves are still curling. The facility is located in a large pot. So there is plenty of space for roots. And the plant receives plenty of sunshine. There are other plant daisies in my neighborhood. The leaves are curling at the tip. So I know that is not naturally occurring. The leaves are like his should be green. The new leaves arise each day. Foods of plant origin Shultz, I might add, if the water-water plant. I water about every 5 days.


magnamam... said...

May, his pot is too large - sometimes when the pot is too large for the plant, the leaves dry and curl the ends. It's about the quality of the soil falling into poverty because the plant is not large enough to maintain proper chemical balance - the reduction of soil quality. I suggest that the transplant in a small boat.

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