Saturday, February 13, 2010

Woman Open Side Dresses Uk Are We Crazy? I See A Sad Depressed Woman On 1 Side And He Sees A Happy Old Man On The Other?

Are we crazy? i see a sad depressed woman on 1 side and he sees a happy old man on the other? - woman open side dresses uk

OK to me and my friend Dustin to this eerie old house thats Mantion leave the streets and surrounding both the appearance and the fear of Sh * t ASU, he had heard that an old woman lives there small and I think he has still not want us there and went Notec the first time the door was open and 1 light in the window was to run about a beagle dog Notec what looked and saw a woman dressed entirely in black and not staring at us Freek mmoving us out and the next day I brought my firend Brad and I have seen 2 cars on a truck and a car and told him that I saw, and he saw but has not yet seen the woman, but it is seen, but when he saw 2 the right, he saw an old man sitting in a rocking chair, smoking a ciggand I've seen nothing, so if it is normal if sore ring


Christian purity said...

not normal, but not exceeded in reality, because it unchristian.

Peace said...

... ... ... .. Smile
... ... ..***********
... ...**************
... .****@******@***
... * ***** **@*******
.. *****@*******@***
... ***********
... .******************
... .. ****************
... ... ..*************
. Are we having fun?

Anonymous Viking said...

"Are we crazy?"

This is a normal part of being human.

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