Saturday, February 20, 2010

Anybody Used A Lime Dip On Cat Lime Sulfur Dip?

Lime Sulfur Dip? - anybody used a lime dip on cat

I have 6 cats. I have 22 weeks of pregnancy. My cats have been watered recently in lime sulfur dip, because one of them a very unusual mite lime sulfur dip only to kill and must be applied for 6 weeks, once per week. Its active ingredient is 97.8% lime-sulfur concentrate. I asked the nurse and told me not to touch him and let someone else with a bath and I did. But you must not dry them so that they have these things everywhere, and some even me, and not assume that I wash, but immediately. My house smells like rotten eggs, and my hands, because my cats are dry, but the smell is still there. There was a fan and opened the window yesterday. The window is now open.

Has anyone else used this device or know anything about this? Can skin irritantsIons. It is something that we have, because the mites do not cause severe itching in cats and does not require more openly about her injury.
Is it wrong that I still feel things, and I have not used?


KimbeeJ said...

Here is a link to the Road Safety lime sulfur dip. ...

It is used for many years in veterinary medicine to treat lichen and scabies mites. It is considered very safe. We wear gloves to prevent discoloration. Prolonged contact with skin may be irritating and should not be in the eye. Use only in well ventilated area, because it smells bad, but the smoke is not known to be harmful. You should ask your gynecologist for more information, bathe, but at the same time as another person cats. Are they hardened to scabies mites? If so, ivermectin orally (administered by the veterinarian) is simple and very effective. Two or three doses every 2 weeks is all that is necessary. When used for ringwoRM, then climbs a week for 6 weeks is usually required.

biolumin... said...

Lyme sulfur DIP is terrible. Often pets in the hospital I work in animals. It smells like rotten eggs and causes yellow pets. It smells after a while. If possible, you should designate a specific area or living room just for them during treatment. I do not know about problems related to pregnancy know swimming but the gloves and gown for the pets in the clinic, and I'm pretty sure you should take to avoid them. Most customers leave their pet to swim for us, so just go home stinking no-wet. The service is available?

Good luck with your cats and best wishes for a healthy pregnancy.

naomi said...

The last two posters gave detailed guidance on the sauce of lime sulfur - Yes, it smells terrible and stains, but as very safe.
However, I know nothing about the possible impact on the people who may be pregnant, and not so much - you can not give advice on human health. To be on the safe side, contact your midwife - it is best to advise you about your health.

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