Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Find Speaker Parameters I Need To Find Specs On A 12" C-4 Sub That Came Out Of A Triple Woofer Bandpass Box?

I need to find specs on a 12" C-4 sub that came out of a triple woofer bandpass box? - find speaker parameters

The Imam said that C-4 600w California, USA. I have tried to find it on the net, but found nothing. This picture looks like crap, no response at low speeds. So I have some T / S parameters, then you need to take a throw of the box set. It does'nt have a cone of silver, appears to have screws in it, but. The box is well built, but is not designed to odviously Speaker, I have 8 "subs, the lower hit!


sparky34... said...

Since you any details, I have no other choice.


http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index ...

If you connect + to + and - what is a parallel circuit, which translates into: Two 4ohm Coil = 2 ohm resistor. Two coils 2ohm = 1ohm.

When the yarn catch + a + and - for yarn for the others - and run a cable between the coils of the first - the second coil has a + dead short!

Remember, no one makes a subwoofer would'nt that be damaged by connecting to a single coil will be. Each coil sub is part of the package, for example, a dual coil sub 400 Watts is actually 200 watts per coil, then subjected to a coil of 200 watts to 400 watts, and guess what .. . Smoke!

Please correcttheir mistakes.

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