Monday, February 1, 2010

Sympathy Sayings For Dogs I Need Funny, Witty Messages To Write In Cards For Friends/family - Any Ideas?

I need funny, witty messages to write in cards for friends/family - any ideas? - sympathy sayings for dogs


Is there a website that has suggestions on what the sender is writing greeting cards? I do not mean to get the title / subtitle for people who create greeting cards, but also for the - who are like me, who want to write funny messages to your friends / family or colleagues, but I do not see anything to say . I always write boring stuff like "I hope one day clear" or "I, you better hope soon, but I want something a little imagination to her smile: o)

I have some sites that are sincere words like "sweet thoughts and wishes of the path had to be sent, but I want something fun, like" .. Ageless, timeless, and still no hope! Happy Birthday. "I must above all include all the birthday messages, namely, a healthy, sympathy, baby, etc.

The last card is required to send my friends too - like the child they already have, she gave birth to a girl this week. I have absolutely no idea what record sounds strange to bloody. Any ideas anyone?

I know I always read things from the heart, but I just want people to smile for a change ... and where is the harm in this is so? : O)

Ta v much

D xx


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