Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mit Boy Games Nimm Mich Mit, What Is The Translation Of This Song In English?

Nimm Mich Mit, what is the translation of this song in english? - mit boy games

Artist: 2raumwohnung
Album: Come Together
Come Together Buy CD
Lyrics: MIT left

It's raining, not only in the rainy season
The Schà ¼ Kà ¼ Belna TTET only way down
How do you picture the weather in Caracas
Life in the tropics is much more colorful

Thou sayest that I am not a man for a night
Do I always travel far astray
Today I once considered giving ¼ ber:
Your chance is here - I can prove it to you

Take me with you left with
With left Tommi Boy
On the adventure of love, and so on
I can see it, it will go
It is n-triple-double ¶ schÃ
With you - You are my companion

All the possibilities of our times, I myself made MÃ ¶
North Pole, SA dpol ¼, Großstadt or beach
Sand on the beach of the whole
Perhaps dear land
Anyway I'm very excited

My dog now looks very sad
Always DrinneN Aussem house never get out
Always wait just that the phone is
And we are on a R NS


saehli said...

Artist: 2 bedroom
Album: Come Together
Lyrics: Take Me

It only rains during the rainy season
It's only rain
What do you imagine the time in Caracas, as
Life in the tropics is much more colorful

You say I'm not a man for a night
But I have too many for the journey
Today, I thought,
This is your chance - I can not prove

Take me well, take me
Take me with you, Tommy Boy
For the adventure of the "love", etc.
I see that work goes on
There are two large triple
With me - You are my business

I think all our options
North Pole, South Pole, the city or on the beach
On the beach, sand
Maybe better for the country
In any case, I am very excited

Meanwhile, my dog looks at his sad
Still inside, never outside the house
Still waiting on the phone to ring
And we, one of R

(End is rare, incomplete)

I hope that helps anyway

BTW, is not finally satisfied with the strange
I googled for the lyrics

Here is the full text is

Do something and invites on a journey into the world.

And it invites us to travel the world

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