Friday, February 19, 2010

How Can I Remove A Bra Wire From Washing Machine How Do I Remove The Bassinet Hood From The Metal Frame? I Just Bought A Used Kolcraft Bassinet.?

How do I remove the bassinet hood from the metal frame? I just bought a used Kolcraft bassinet.? - how can i remove a bra wire from washing machine

The crib is in great shape and seems to be rarely used. I bought it for a friend, and I want each device before passing it to wash her. I had no problem from her skirt and low storage capacity. The instructions say to wash hands and then into the bathroom with the baby now appears all the detergent. The lid or cover extends over a bent wire that creates the edge of a bra, and on a heavy metal frame, on the sides of the crib is assembled. I can not the hood of the frame. Can anyone help? Did you leave a certain way, or I only wash hands, metal frame and all? I'm sure they do not want to deal with rust. I am so inadept in the present, all thumbs, and I, years ago made a fool wiFirst baby equipment. The mark is or bassinet kolcraft Kolecraft, and the substance has a small white, small stars on a white background. The bell has a yellow moon on the substance and a blue star. Can someone help up an old fool?


Amanda said...

My home is included in parentheses canopy small piece on the back and then spreads to cover in the nursery. Everything that is what I have to do is press two buttons (one on each side) and the cap is off. But there is an abundance of kolcraft. Try to solve some kind of push button or screw. If you do not want to risk taking it apart and not put in a position to put together, I would sprinkle OxiClean laundry and washing the hands, as it is.
Good luck!

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